Thursday, November 14

A) The Value of Purpose: What it is and the opportunities it offers

What are the merits of B Corps? Is it worth it or not? Is B Corp the only way to do things with purpose?

Session speakers coming soon.

B) Social Procurement: What it is and the opportunities it offers

Overview of what social procurement is and the opportunities it offers for businesses with information from The City about what's going on in Calgary specifically.

Speaker: Elizabeth Chick, National Coordinator for Buy Social Canada; Supply Chain Management at The City of Calgary.

C) Market Opportunities: Social impact, who's business is it anyways?

Should companies use social impact as a competitive advantage and as a marketing tool? Who is designed to fill social gaps - government, non profit, or business?

Session speakers coming soon.

D) Finding Capital: Responsible Investing

How is the investment industry changing and what does this mean for public companies looking for capital?

Session speakers coming soon.

E) Building ESG Capacity: Building a more diverse and inclusive economy & the SDGs

Fulfilling the SDGs to build ESG capacity and to create opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

Session speakers coming soon.

Friday, November 15

A) The Value of Purpose: The importance of long-term purpose for a company

What is the importance of the long-term view? Why a focus solely on the short-term harms not only society, but companies.

Session speakers coming soon.

B) Social Procurement: What governments are looking for

The Government of Canada (GOC) purchases on average over $20 billion worth of goods and services each year. Firewood, agricultural equipment, road equipment, vehicle repair services, laundry services, and catering services are just a few of the products and services the GOC has purchased. Join this seminar to learn how to:

  • Register to be able to supply your product or service to the GOC

  • Receive email notifications for new solicitations

  • Search for active solicitations

  • Search contract history

This seminar includes a live demonstration of, a source of GOC procurement information and a platform for active solicitations along with other tools.

This seminar is facilitated by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) in Public Services and Procurement Canada. OSME advocates on behalf of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), encourages their participation in federal government procurement, and works to understand and reduce barriers that prevent SMEs from participating in federal government procurement. OSME assists SMEs in better understanding how the GOC buys goods and services, and raises awareness of opportunities to sell to the GOC.

C) Market Opportunities: Industry disruptors

Looking at local companies who are disrupting their industry, with a social impact purpose, and supporting the local economy.

Session speakers coming soon.

D) Finding Capital: The opportunity of local investing

Examine the role of local investing as a source of capital and as a catalyst to a sustainable local economy.

Session speakers coming soon.

E) Building ESG Capacity: Building ESG capacity at the board level

Exploring the board's responsibility in ensuring that the company is growing their ESG capacity; examine the relationship that the board has with senior company personnel in conveying this information.

Session speakers coming soon.



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  • Transforming Problems into Opportunities

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  • A Dish, a Spoon and the Soul of the Next Economy

  • Sustainable Development Goals for All

  • The Rainforest: Cultivating an Innovation Ecosystem

  • International Development Roundtable

  • Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Sharing and Reconciliation Circle

  • Supply Chain & Human Rights

  • Disruptive Business

  • Measure What Matters

  • Canadian Newcomers & Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Engaging and Consulting Lived Experience: The good, the bad, the ugly

  • Cross Cultural Business Holistically Impacting Lives

  • The Resilient Workplace

  • Millennials and the Next Economy

  • Social Impact of Blockchain