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What if

...more young people interested in saving the world considered business as a vocation and... more young people interested in business considered combining profits, societal impact, and innovation? What would our world look like then?

It is important to keep updated in business trends, new initiatives and current events – especially while teaching the next generation how to participate in responsible business.

The Hub is hosted by Soul of the Next Economy Forum and Calgary post-secondary business schools and is your resource for noteworthy teaching topics, unique company developments, and post-secondary information. Whether you need a real-life example to assist in lesson plans or a way to support a student in their post-secondary decision, the High School Hub will be your tool.


Teacher Resources


Ambrose University High School Resources

Book a senior Ambrose Business student to lead a workshop in your classroom on the Sustainable Development Goals or responsible business generally. Your students will have the opportunity to learn about profit and purpose with direct connections to course curriculum. Register for the Ambrose high school case competition taking place in fall 2019 and challenge your students to innovate for good. Students solve real-world business programs and compete against other students. Round one takes place in your classroom (all resources provided) and you can send a team to round two at Ambrose where they can also take part in Soul of the Next Economy Forum with Calgary business leaders. Email or visit Ambrose @ Your High School to find out more.


Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking

The Hunter Hub is a space for people, talent, and ideas to come together in order to fuel innovation. Through events, funding sources, accessibility to networks and an encouraging space, the Hunter Hub’s goal is to expand Calgary’s community of entrepreneurial thinking. The Collision Space is available for group to book for activities related to entrepreneurial thinking.


Journey 2050

Teachers now have a new way to virtually teach students about sustainability and the impact business has on society. Journey 2050 is an educational gaming app in which teachers can guide student through lesson plans in a creative way. To register your class in the free program visit


League Of Innovators

League of Innovators is geared towards providing Canadian youth with the opportunity to explore and learn about their entrepreneurial mindset. As an added benefit, all of the programming is free and their online sessions and resources make it so easy for students to explore their innovative spirits!



An online platform to create, share and implement step-by-step action plans. This app makes it easy for teachers to direct students after class. Find more information about the platform at


Canadian Businesses for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is a professional association progressing the reality that businesses are more successful and sustainable, in all aspects, when they are conducted in a socially responsible manner. Their networks offers a wide range of companies and case examples of responsible business practices.


Junior Achievement

The Junior Achievement Company Program offers students the opportunity to make real business decisions, develop leadership skills, make new friends and have fun! Look for the new group starting at Ambrose University in October 2019. Venues across the city include St. Mary’s, SAIT, U of C, and several other locations.

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In July 2018, MRU and UofC hosted SHAD students for the first time in a month-long entrepreneurship conference. Each year students face a challenge in which they must create a solution and business-plan in hope to bring about real and positive change. For more information and to apply for SHAD 2020 visit


150 Startups

During May and June students chosen to represent their universities and colleges will participate in an entrepreneurial development program. 150 StartUps aims to encourage first time entrepreneurs to take the first steps towards a start up business. Everyone is welcome to participate in the audience the final pitch contest at the Innovation Rodeo, as well as panel discussions and keynote speakers during the Calgary Stampede each year. To purchase tickets and get more information visit


Soul of the Next Economy Forum

Ambrose University is proud to host The Soul of the Next Economy Forum each year. The forum is an event in which many sectors of both business and non-profit, as well as government organizations, connect to improve our society through innovation and corporate social responsibility. Join us on November 14 and 15, 2019! Stay tuned at for student rates and more information.


JA Youth Success Summit

Hosted by JA Canada, Ja Company Program students are invited to participate in a new networking conference. The purpose of the summit is for students to develop necessary skills such as leadership through speakers and workshops. Students also get the opportunity to participate in a real-world business challenge. Visit for more information.


Caring For Our Watersheds

What can you do to improve your watershed? This was the question students were encouraged to research and come up with a realistic solution in a spring competition. Financial rewards are given to top finalists for both themselves and their school! To learn more visit


Do Business #LikeACanadian

Canadians have a reputation around the world for our shared values of kindness and inclusion; what would the future of business look like if we applied the same values to our practices. Let’s do business #LikeACanadian. Find out more about CBSR’s campaign at


Dual Credit

Dual credit is an option for highschool students to participate in university courses while completing their highschool diploma. Students have the opportunity to: explore and discover their interests and passions; get a jumpstart on their post-secondary education; complete their post-secondary education with less financial debt; and gain valuable experience! Each of the schools listed offer dual credit programs for students to explore.


Calgary Post-Secondary Business Schools

Haskayne School of Business - University of Calgary

With a full range of business related degree programs, the Haskayne School of Business aims to shape this generation into bold leaders. With numerous co-curricular opportunities, research initiatives, and graduate programs as well, the Haskayne School of Business is Calgary’s largest business program.

Ambrose University

Whether as a major or a related minor, Ambrose Business Administration students are challenged to consider both profit and purpose while learning core business subjects in a faith-based environment with small class sizes. Business concentrations include accounting, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship & innovation, and business intelligence & analytics. Co-curricular opportunities include Soul of the Next Economy Forum, case competitions, and other industry opportunities. 

Bissett School of Business- Mount Royal University

Through experiential learning and cooperative work experience, MRU allows business students to pursue a BBA with majors in general management, accounting, finance, human resources, international business, marketing or supply chain management, as well as concentrations in social innovation and in innovation and entrepreneurship. Co-curricular offerings include Trico Changemakers Studio, Institute for Community Prosperity, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Fair Trade Field School, and JMH Launchpad.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Available as a 4-year degree program, or part-time through Continuing Education, SAIT offers students the opportunity to learn key business practices in-class and through real-world experiences. > Programs & Courses > View Programs > Bachelor of Business Administration

Dhillon School of Business - University of Lethbridge

With campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary, the Dillon School of Business aims to inspire students’ innovation and creativity by focusing on leading-edge business trends.

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College offers a wide range of Business Administration diploma and certificate programs. Many of the programs offered are available both in-class and online to meet everyone's needs in pursuing a post-secondary education. > Programs & Courses > Business