Executive Roundtable

Finding Opportunities in Difficult Times

The Executive Roundtable brings together diverse leaders in the business community with non-profit sectors, government, indigenous communities and educational institutions to discuss how we can find opportunities in difficult times and the role business has in enhancing communities both locally and globally.


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Barb Higgins

Wellness Counsellor & Trauma Educator, Higgins Media Inc


Barb Higgins is a Wellness Counsellor who specializes in trauma. For 22 years she was senior news-anchor and producer of the CTV Calgary News at 6, and in 2010 she ran for Mayor. Barb is passionate about wellness. After she discovered she had Vicarious Trauma as a result of her news career she followed her curiosity about healing, went back to school and is now a trauma educator. She teaches people about how stress affects the body, heart and mind. Barb believes that creating a more soulful society begins with the individual. Choices about our own well-being impact choices we make in our businesses and our community. Barb is thrilled to be a part of the Soul of the Next Economy.

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