People First: 6 ways companies can integrate responsible business practices


A review of the 2017 Executive Roundtable Session. The second round focused on the work environment, technology, and collaboration.

Corporate Social Responsibility is so much more than companies giving money and support non-profits. Companies have a responsibility to their own people.

CSR needs to be “less like a badge” and more woven into the fabric of the organization.

6 ways to integrate responsible business practices, and put people first:

  1. Periodic evaluations of stakeholder/employee performance against the mission statement
  2. Involve more people - this leads to better ideas, more acceptance and engagement
  3. Encourage employees to start their own initiatives
  4. Report and publish reports on the impact of CSR
  5. Improve the skills of people in the community where they operate - this benefits the company and the whole community
  6. Don’t just tolerate, rather EMBRACE diversity

What are other ways companies and organizations can practice their values to strengthen the work environment?


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