Looking forward: 10 ways organizations can incorporate CSR, and 5 points of caution


A review of the 2017 Executive Roundtable Session. The third and final round of the Executive Roundtable focused on what organizations are planning to do, in the coming year, in the area of CSR.

10 ways organizations planned to incorporate CSR after the Forum:

  1. Champions heroes
  2. Invest in safety
  3. Engage personally with organizations as opposed to simply investing money
  4. Help students engage in social innovation
  5. Encourage employees to volunteer on company time
  6. Create a community to share what they are doing with other entrepreneurs and learn from each other
  7. Build relationships through events
  8. Partner with indigenous communities, indigenous accelerators and indigenous companies
  9. Build capacity in volunteers
  10. Raise funds for non-profits in different ways including sponsorship, fees for service, selling products and government funding

At the same time, part of the discussion also focused on issues and areas of caution. Knowing that practices and policies can’t change overnight, and that micro-steps towards better CSR practices was the key, participants discussed how quick fixes typically create more problems.


5 points of caution:

  1. Not all employees value CSR or are not sure what the value of CSR is
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to gain interest and support for CSR from companies
  3. Many companies are still not making CSR mean something - it is just words or a pool of funds to them so that their stakeholders believe they are good citizens
  4. Not all groups have the tools to share stories around micro-enterprise - in particular those aged 30-50 years
  5. There are differences in how different age demographics react to issues and share stories

“There is a pressing need for the big transformative ideas that can dramatically move the dial and, at the same time, the more nimble ones that enable everyday change in the right direction.”

-Linda Coady

Chief Sustainability Officer, Enbridge Inc.

Moderator - Executive Roundtable


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