From Scarcity to Prosperity


Eliane Ubalijoro is our Better Society Keynote Speaker. Read about her work below, and read her bio here.  

"As a scientist working at the interface of research, policy and business, my work involves tackling the challenges of moving discoveries to innovations that have value to society environmentally, socially and economically." - Eliane Ubalijoro


Eliane Ubalijoro's talk "Reimaging the world from scarcity to prosperity" at TEDxConcordia, Montreal, Canada on May 3rd, 2014:  




Read about how Eliane is bridging the gap from women in science and technology.


Eliane is advocating for increased involvement of women in science and technology. She is convinced that "When women are absent from the innovation space, their lived experiences, challenges and dreams are likely to be excluded in the design of research, products and services that matter most to them. ... Innovation adapted to the needs of rural and urban populations allows access to education, energy and economic opportunity to be a right for all. Protecting forests, oceans and wildlife while producing affordable safe nutritious food, clean water and sustainable energy sources require innovative solutions. Respect of the planet while we create these enabling conditions for all our descendants to thrive requires harnessing STEM to address climate change, pollution driven economic growth, depletion of biodiversity and proliferation of diseases that still affect billions of people."