A Spotlight on B Corps


A Spotlight on B Corps The Soul of the Next Economy continues to encourage companies to integrate social responsibility throughout their entire organisations and one way of doing this is through the certified B Corp movement.

What are B Corps? B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Why do B Corps matter? The vision is simple yet ambitious: people using business as a force for good. Why become a B Corp? Lead a movement, differentiate from pretenders, generate press, attract and engage talent.

We asked Forum partner, BDC, to highlight a B Corp client that is making a difference in their industry. They introduced us to Beau’s All Natural Brewing who is changing the brewing industry in Ontario. Since their inception in 2006, this family run and employee owned craft brewery has been winning awards for brewing, packaging and business practices, all while supporting the communities they work in.

In 2013, Beau’s became the first brewery in Canada to achieve B Corp certification and have now joined other B Corp craft breweries to create “Brew the Change”, an ale highlighting ingredients supplied by four fellow B Corps. They are also leading the way in their ethical sourcing, organic certifications and environmental stewardship.

Says Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne, “I believe beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it!  Joining the B Corp movement is as much about communicating your ethics to your customers as it is about challenging yourself to do better”.

Alberta B-Corps are also making a difference in their industries. Last year at the Forum, we heard from Chandos Construction, an Edmonton B Corp that is challenging conventional ways of thinking in the construction industry. They are joined by other companies like Trico Homes (homebuilder), Fiasco Gelato (food services), Sandstone Asset Management and others, all striving to change their traditional industries.

Then we have several change making organisations that are by their very nature social change-makers. Past Forum contributors, Conscious Brands, Creating Eudaimonia (both business consultants) and Do it Green (event services) are just a few of the examples.

There is also Benevity , an Alberta B Corp that helps organisations with their corporate philanthropy through products for online workplace giving, tracking volunteerism and managing grants as well as consulting services. Said Bryan de Lottinville, CEO of Benevity, on announcing their B Corp status, “we are a different kind of organisation; a software company with a strong social mission to change the landscape of philanthropy and community investment. As we succeed as a business by powering innovative cause marketing, community investment and workplace giving programs for our business clients, so too will we succeed in our social mission of democratizing giving and optimizing donation processing.”


Find more Alberta B-Corps here.


Several of the companies involved with the Soul of the Next Economy Forum are B Corps. Forum partner, Business Development Bank of Canada, is a B Corp and it seeks to support entrepreneurs who create certified B Corps. Learn more about the Measure What Matters business tool from BDC at the Forum.  Visit B Lab to learn more about B Corp certification.

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