Associate Partner Feature - Calgary Foundation

Written in collaboration with Soul of the Next Economy Forum and Taylor Barrie from Calgary Foundation.

The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is proud to have had the support of the Calgary Foundation since the beginning of this unique event in 2014. As a community foundation, The Calgary Foundation exists to support our city and the people who call it home, now and into the future. The hope is that Calgary Foundation will be around far into the future, and so the work they are doing now to inspire donors and support amazing organizations, will help people we do not yet know and tackle issues we cannot yet see. By supporting Soul of the Next Economy, the Calgary Foundation can expand their reach into the business and government sectors, and be a part of this inspiring movement to collectively impact change now and into the future.

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Calgary Foundation envisions a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs. They believe in a city where people care about each other and consider both individual and community wellbeing. In the same way that Soul of the Next Economy hopes to bring together citizens from all walks of life in reimagining the way we work, Calgary Foundation also believes that we must work together to create impactful change. Each year the Soul of the Next Economy Forum seeks to engage in relevant conversation; what is important to those in our community today. This year, the conversation will revolve around “Finding Opportunity in Uncertain Times”. We are increasingly disconnected. As our world becomes smaller, it seems our feelings of isolation and loneliness are growing bigger. This year’s theme speaks to the uncertainty many of us feel right now, not just when it comes to the economy, but in civil society as well. 

Calgary Foundation envisions a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs.

Calgary Foundation leads some exciting initiatives in our city that encourages finding the opportunities our city has to offer. A very valuable tool in addressing some key issues is the annual Calgary Vital Signs report. The report combines expert research with a citizen survey in which Calgarians give their opinion in areas critical to quality of life. It gives all Calgarians a snapshot of quality of life in our city - what are we doing well? Where could we do better? This proves to be a great tool in which we can find those gaps on our community and creatively and collaboratively address solutions. Calgary Foundation’s newest initiative, GenYYC, is quite aligned with Soul of the Next Economy Forum as they work to connect the next generation of leaders and help envision a world where each of us took responsibility to learn about and engage with some of the big societal and environmental issues of our time. 

As an associate sponsor, Calgary Foundation is looking forward to the opportunity to connect with people who are just as passionate about systems change as they are - those who want to learn, listen, and be a bit uncomfortable with the unknown.