Sponsor Spotlight: A Community For All

We are proud to announce our ASSOCIATE PARTNER of Soul of the Next Economy Forum 2019, The Calgary Foundation.


“To build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs.” This is the mission of The Calgary Foundation while they work to support the charitable sector of our city. Specifically, the foundation works to collaborate with community organizations and donors in order for these organizations to better serve Calgary and its citizens. 

The Calgary Foundation is involved in a wide array of initiatives around the city, one being Jane’s Walk. This past May a group of girls from the Women’s Centre’s Girls Program led a group of Calgarians through the streets of our city addressing issues the way these girls view them. The leaders highlighted 5 stops, each led by a different girl with a topic for participants to think about.


Each May, Jane’s Walk is organized in Calgary, inspiring anyone in the community to lead a walking tour through an area of the city they know well. Topics can include anything from natural aspects, public art, climate and environmentalism, and so much more with leaders being children, Indegenious community members, students, people without homes, and everyone in between. Each walk is unique and an incredible way for anyone to share their knowledge or passions while others have the opportunity to explore a new area or learn more about one they thought they knew. What a beautiful way for community members, employed or not, to share what they see and how they see our community. 

Another way the Calgary Foundation is working to improve and inspire our city is through the Community Knowledge Centre. The purpose of this connection hub is to provide a resource to community members seeking out what charitable organizations are doing through stories, innovation, issues, and opportunities. It also works to connect organizations to others, fostering collaboration to create a city that serves one another. On the site, organizations revolving around the arts, community connections, environment, living standards, and wellness can all be found. The Community Knowledge Centre is also a great resource for Calgarians to find events calendars and get involved in what our city as to offer! 


On top of all the other ways the Calgary Foundation serves our community, they also facilitate grants for those passionate about building a stronger community. It is through the work of the Calgary Foundation that citizens of this unique city are, not only inspired but, able to do the charitable work they do. The stories that emerge from work such as this would make anyone proud to be a part of this growing city. 

Find the Report to the City from Vital City 2018 here. It is extremely inspiring to hear how the Calgary Foundation has grown over the past 60+ years, and what they continue to achieve.