Connecting Calgary's Economy

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The success of The Soul of the Next Economy Forum each year is all thanks to the partners of the event. The purpose of bringing together organizations dedicated to socially responsible business is to connect, learn from each other, and inspire new and bigger ideas. Each year different companies partner with and sponsor the Soul of the Next Economy Forum and it is exciting to announce that we will have two new partners this year, along with Ambrose and Vibrant Communities Calgary.


Thrive is a Calgary company with an aim to discover the long-term, sustainable solutions to Calgary’s economic well-being. In order to do so, Thrive provides access to changemakers, residents, and entrepreneurs to Community Economic Development (CED) education as well as facilitating resources and connections to those seeking it out. It isn’t always easy for individuals with big ideas to find a safe place to really explore their ideas and potential. Thrive removes that barrier with opportunities to connect with community members to learn and share ideas. Along with Dialogloop, Thrive hosts The Community Huddle in which people from our community gather to brainstorm and launch new, socially innovative ideas. The intention of the event is to create a space for people to be inspired, while having fun and engaging with other community members to create and develop new ways to pursue CED. During the 2018 session, 165 people came together to discover 35 new project ideas! Learn more about the 2018 event here

The 2019 Community Huddle will be part of Soul of the Next Economy Forum this year, and we are excited to collaborate on this incredible community event.

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The forum is also excited to welcome REAP as a 2019 partners. REAP, which stands for Respect for the Earth and All People, is a not-for-profit association of locally owned businesses working to create a healthier and more vibrant Calgary. REAP’s campaign, “Be Local”, goes above and beyond to promote spending money locally in order to support the effect that comes from money recirculating in the local economy. REAP businesses use this to uphold good and green initiatives such as purchasing renewable energy, paying a living wage to Calgary workers, and so much more. The association loves to share the appreciation for their businesses as well! During this summer, the Be Local Awards are in full swing. Members apply for Leadership Award categories in which the public can take part and vote for their favourite social enterprises from September 16 through to October 25, 2019. The winners will be recognized and celebrated at the Soul of the Next Economy Forum this fall!

The Soul of the Next Economy Forum would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors. How exciting is it to have the opportunity to be a part of changing the way we do purposeful and meaningful business! To purchase tickets or to sponsor the event visit