From Here to There: Insights from Soul Forum 2018’s Executive Roundtable

Featured Article from the Western Talent & Innovation Review

Article written by Angie Redecopp and Yvonne Jeffery


The roundtable discussions from the 2018 Soul of the Next Economy Forum were used to structure a research framework regarding the evolution of responsible business.

The “Three Horizons” model displays (1) where responsible business stands now, (3) where we hope to see it in the future, and as it grows, (2) what needs to change and is changing to arrive at the third horizon.

Soul of the next economy forum 2018 - three horizons.png

Each Horizon was discussed by attendees during the executive roundtable last year. As the forum is attended by business professionals, non-profit sectors, government officials, students, and more, the open discussion results in many different and interesting viewpoints and opinions.

As discussed in the article, it is necessary to take a backwards approach by envisioning and planning where we want to be and strategizing based on clearly defined goals. Of course, not all organizations are at the same point, but by creating attainable goals and collaborating in environments such as the Soul of the Next Economy Forum, each step forward can make a difference.

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As Forum attendees considered where responsible business is currently situated, where they wish to see it in the future, and what can support that journey, there is a strong sense that each of the Horizons is embodied in the present moment, and that we can choose – as individuals and organizations – to focus on and support the inspiration and innovations that will lead to the future as we wish it to be.